Why choose Customised Solar?


SA Owned & Operated

We are proudly South Australian Owned and Operated. Ensuring to meet high standards and pride on providing well made global products.


Client Focused

Our clients are a key aspect to our success, as we ensure to provide high quality customer service to all clientele. Australian Based Support Office, real Australians taking your calls.


Qualified Installers

All of our installers are highly experienced and Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited, as we ensure that each installation is to be catered to your very needs.


Local & Global Partners

Affiliations with companies on a local and global scale.

How to start saving with customised solar

$0 upfront installation with Customised Solar, we offer a personalised solution to suit your family’s needs. Follow our four easy steps below to start saving.

  • Contact Customised Solar to book a personalised appointment.

  • Discuss your energy usage with our solar designers.

  • Accept your personalised energy solution quote.

  • Have the system installed by our Clean Energy Council accredited team and start saving.

Why take your business Solar?

25,000 Australian Businesses Can’t Be Wrong


Healthy Return On Investment

Solar will typically perform far better than money in the bank, or use the bank’s money to make you money.


Reduce Your Power Bills

Increase business profitability and improve business value.


Green Marketing

Generate publicity and improve customer loyalty.


Your Energy Freedom

Independence from power companies and your own free energy from the sun.


  • Residential

    Solar is now more affordable than ever which means bigger savings and a shorter payback period.

  • Commercial

    Join the growing chorus of smart business owners that have discovered the commercial solar benefits for business.

  • Energy Storage

    Small sized batteries used to offset peak power costs can now provide a return on investment in less than 5 years.