Who we are

Our people are our most powerful asset. Our support network of solar enthusiasts, professionals and partnering, pride themselves on expanding solar capacity within the community. We are a diverse team of talented, enthusiastic individuals who foster a culture of inclusion. No matter how they may differ, our people share one thing in common. It’s a belief that work is more rewarding when we are accepted and valued for our differences, not judged by them. We all have something to contribute, and it’s this contribution that makes for a great organisation and fulfilling career. Join the growing chorus of smart business owners that have discovered the commercial solar benefits for business. Join us today, as we plan to provide our solar solutions that will make it easier for you to budget and plan for the future.

What we do

As the cost of electricity for Australian homes continues to rise, more and more families are turning to alternative power. Solar is now increasingly affordable compared to a few years ago and have become a growing trend for businesses and households. In terms of businesses, solar panel systems are a smart capital investment. They have short payback periods, provide steady financial returns and help business owners hedge against rising energy prices. Today Industrial businesses are now saving more than ever with solar power. Our Solar Designs provide a complete solution, helping homeowners and investors offset their daily power usage and reduce their overall cost of living. Having huge power expenses? Give your business or household a cash flow positive solution by calling us today!


Who we help


Our record of success and reputation for outstanding customer care is made possible because our staff are trained professionals and truly dedicate to making a difference in each of our clients’ lives. Customised Solar mainly base on homeowners, small and medium-sized businesses, public institutions and industrial facilities to help them implement energy saving projects that reduce energy-related greenhouse gases (GHGs) and air pollution.

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